High-end operating devices with 12.1” touchdisplay

T80i mit geteiltem Screen und Virtual-AUX -N
T80i mit geteiltem Screen und Virtual-AUX -NT80p Einbau-Variante mit 12,1T80i/T80e Slide-Stick-TechnologieT80i Rückseite

As a high-end operating device with 12.1" tauch display suitable for use in sunlight in SVGA resolution, the T80 combines many of the features of the T30 and T50 even in the basic model. With this device, the fully integrated multi-screen concept can demonstrate its full flexibility on the larger display area with higher resolution, which also allows two ISOBUS-UTs to be displayed, giving the end user an optimal view of the entire control system. With SlideStick technology, it is not only the function keys that are tactile: so are the two integrated, individually configurable joysticks, which are fitted into the glass front in a compact design and the appearance of which can be set up to suit your preferences using the display area below. In ISOBUS systems, this configuration replaces an external operating box as a virtual AUX-N. Other shapes (e.g. sliders or rings) can also be fitted into the strong glass front to meet customer requirements.