Intuitive touch screen technology

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Simply operate with open:panel using the latest touch technology, very clear and intuitive operating concepts (HMIs) can be put in place quickly with or without gesture control.
CODESYS® Target, Web-Visu and ISOBUS are available as visualisation platforms to create professional operating concepts that are fully integrated into the CODESYS® programming environment. For fast creation of intuitive HMIs directly on our open:panel devices, on any certified ISOBUS terminal, on a PC or on a web browser.
Thanks to the integrated open:panel AGF, the wide range of functions provided on our open:panel devices can be easily extended with a software development kit (SDK) using individually integrated apps.
Innovative operating concepts and assistance systems with camera support can be implemented easily using the digital video system and the integrated app. With a wide choice of almost any wired or wireless interface, our devices are highly communicative and easy to integrate in any application situation.



Compact operating devices with 5.6” display and touchscreen



Compact operating devices with 5.6” display and touchscreen



Tried and tested operating devices with 8.4” touch display