The open:control M20i makes even your smallest machine control systems ISOBUS-compatible. The M20i gateway translates the proprietary protocols of your control panel from CAN, LIN, RS232 and Ethernet directly into 100% ISOBUS. Your machine application does not change, the M20i connects to the interface with the existing operating panel. All ISOBUS functions, including UT, TC-BAS, TC-GEO, TC-SC, AUX-N are fully supported. The effective memory design of the M20i makes it possible to use even complex ISOBUS visualisations. The ISOBUS protocol in the gateway is merely configured using simple tools and thus adapts to your existing control system – with no costly development work. With the ISOBUS connection cable, your machine is immediately ready to connect to the ISOBUS socket on the tractor (IBBC).