Fully integrated ISOBUS functionality


Dino Car

Easy preparation for the future with open:ISOBUS! The ISOBUS is fully integrated into open:system. Why continue to invest in inflexible proprietary solutions? Our open:system components bring ISOBUS to any of your machines very quickly, easily and cost-effectively, including the smallest machines.

With the support of our ISOBUS experts, your machines will be AEF-certified quickly and available on the AEF database, a crucial advantage for your sales. As the developer and OEM supplier of the CCI terminals in use in thousands of places throughout the world to many well-known agricultural engineering manufacturers, you can benefit from our many years of expertise in ISOBUS applications.
You can obtain all of the hardware and software components from us, from connection cables through to high-end application software for every part and every functionality of the entire ISOBUS ISO 11783 standard – all under one roof, delivering success to you.
Fast modernisation: we can easily turn your existing machine control system into a 100% ISOBUS control, with all of the functions, by retrofitting an ISOBUS gateway. Your machine applications and the existing software in your control system remain in place, while we adapt your operating panel interface to the open:ISOBUS gateway by simple configuration.
Readiness for the future is a matter of routine for us: we have taken on the leading role in the AEF in developing the ISOBUS standard into "high-speed ISOBUS" (HSI). In the AEF's Project Team 10 (HSI), we are working to ensure that your investment in ISOBUS is secured in the long-term.

Experience from the outset

One of the most important core areas of expertise at ANEDO is the ISOBUS (ISO 11783) with all of its functions, for all applications, in all systems and devices. There is nothing that we cannot offer when it comes to ISOBUS. Operating devices, control devices, gateways, AUX control, software components, plugs – ISOBUS is always integrated 100%. ANEDO has been actively involved in the development of ISOBUS from the outset. You benefit from our years of experience through our support for plug tests and certifications, previously with DLG, now in the AEF conformance test. We are also committed to developing the ISOBUS standard in future.

With open:system, ANEDO makes ISOBUS integration into machine control systems easy and effective so that our customers no longer have to opt for proprietary solutions but can benefit from complete ISOBUS integration. Everything is AEF certifiable and we work with you to get you onto the AEF compatibility database that is so important for your marketing. We are happy to work with you to develop the optimal integrated ISOBUS system for all of your machine models, including even the smallest.


M20i as a gateway for fast ISOBUS retrofitting of existing control systems

AUX Joystick


100% ISOBUS compatible and certifiable operating console



Connect several devices easily to one InCab socket