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Using the tried and tested CODESYS® development and programming system, which was developed from automation technology and is now widely used, the application software for the open:control system is created for the entire machine/system, the EtherCAT® network with its I/O modules can be configured easily and all bus systems and ISOBUS functions can be integrated.
Programming of the application software can be carried out in all of the graphics-based and text-based languages of CODESYS® V3.5 (IEC 61131-3). C-components and code-generated, model-based design components (MBSD – model-based software development) can be easily integrated into the application software.
The CODESYS® programming system provides a wide range of debugging and monitoring options without any additional tools. An intuitive representation of all I/Os in the entire network is integrated. The machine software developer restricts themselves exclusively to the implementation of their knowledge of the processes and logic of their machine/system.

CODESYS® is the leading software platform for project development in accordance with IEC 61131-3. The development system combines traditional programming of a control application with the opportunities of professional software development for automation devices.
CODESYS® from 3S-Smart Software Solutions is now the preferred choice of over 350 control system manufacturers and several thousand users from a wide range of industries: factory automation, automation of mobile machines, energy generation and distribution systems, buildings and processes. CODESYS® is therefore the most widely used development environment that is independent of a manufacturer. It is used in millions of machines and systems throughout the world.