System consulting and project support


The technical possibilities of electronic control systems are increasing year on year. The use of electronics in mobile working machines is also growing. Special electronics for specific tasks are required. Development periods are becoming shorter with product cycles. But which electronics are suitable for which machines? Which functions can be set up and what are the required time and financial commitments? Is the technically feasible solution also the technically expedient solution? This is where our advice comes into its own. Based on a wide range of projects, we know which electronics are particularly suited to the specific use of a machine, and where and how working processes can be optimised effectively as far as control technology is concerned.
We develop the best possible control solution with you for your individual requirements. We organise all of the requirements of the hardware and software in the control system and check their feasibility against the basic principles. The optimal hardware and software is chosen for the task. As we are developers and manufacturers of electronics, the entire range of options is available to us.