ProKa3D was introduced on the Day of Practical Training Providers of the PHWT

Thursday 19th November

Praxisträgertag 2015 / 3
Praxisträgertag 2015 / 5

On November 19 the annual Day of Practical Training Providers of the study area of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics took place at the Oldenburg site of the PHWT (Private University of Applied Science for economics and technology). Partner companies from industry and trade were invited to strengthen the contact to the university and to gain insight in current projects. The agenda items included among others the presentation of the project ProKa3D "Process-oriented, camera-based 3D operating concept" which was dealt with apart from the ANEDO students Jennifer Blazejak and Christoph Lenz by another three dual students. This project work opens up new technologies for the operator terminals used in the tractor cabin, which control ever more complex machinery, connected with new challenges and chances of a good implementation of the man-machine-interface (MMI). Within the project work a new, project-oriented, camera-based 3D operating concept was created to get good access to different technologies.  Various actions had to be realised here, e.g. the turning of the 3D machine view or zooming in to view smaller elements. Thanks to this individual settings of the machine functions can be changed directly and monitored in the respective views.