Conventional machine terminal meets iPad

Monday 5th October

open panel / 1
open panel / 2

With open:panel we have introduced a completely new generation of ISOBUS operating terminals, the touch screen of which offers for the first time the possibility to "blindly" feel important operating elements with the fingers despite glass front and to configure them freely using software. The "blind" operation becomes possible with multi-finger touch, swipe gestures and easy to operate sliders with haptic feedback of the depressions which are milled into the hardened glass front of the terminal. Positioned both inside and outside of the centrally visible screen area, they can be freely programmed and have different colours assigned.

Based on the probably smallest ISOBUS implement combination of the world, on the Agritechnica  we have introduced our new product series open:system to the market, which makes even the smallest of machines 100% ISOBUS-compatible. All this with low costs and less effort for development and programming than usual. The Agritechnica exhibit is a fully functional ISOBUS Dinocar "tractor". The front loader is connected to the original front ISOBUS break-away connector, the implement unit to the rear break-away. The three independent ISOBUS systems are operated using any ISOBUS terminal. All this, with sensors and actuators, is connected to the open:control controllers. They can be controlled by means of joysticks using the ISOBUS-AUX integrated in the armrest – even the unit's track markers with automatic turn mechanism.