Tuesday 15th September


With what is probably the world's smallest ISOBUS tractor-implement-combination we have demonstrated our new control system at the Agritechnica. Called open:control, the system makes fully ISOBUS-capable even the smallest machine – in a cost-efficient way and with less than usual effort for development and programming. The Agritechnica exhibit is a fully functional ISOBUS Dinocar 'tractor'. The front loader is connected to the original front ISOBUS break-away connector, the implement unit to the rear break-away. The three independent ISOBUS systems are operated using any ISOBUS terminal. All this, with sensors and actuators, is connected to the open:control controllers. They can be controlled by means of joysticks using the ISOBUS-AUX integrated in the armrest – even the unit's track markers with automatic turn mechanism.