ANEDO Graphics Framework

A complex operating platform for your customer-specific app.

panel:sys AGF

Design your software apps for UT and VT appliances based on our ANEDO Graphics Frameworks and effectively utilise the full performance spectrum of your systems! The multitude of graphic elements and their comprehensive functions allow you to put together complex user platforms for your customer-specific app in an instant. The multitude of interfaces of your system are easily accessible to you from the AGF: data is directly available for processing and complex preparation can therefore be avoided.

All the protocols of the ISOBUS norm are integrated in the AGF. Therefore, data is immediately available to your apps. You do not have to implement the ISOBUS, you just use it. Many more protocols are also fully integrated and are ready for use from the first moment.

We are happy to make starting with the AGF easier for you - our experts will support you in every way: individualised training sessions will make your entry into AGF programming easier for you and will demonstrate the full performance range of the AGF. Alternatively, our experts will design your app according to your specifications. We can also support you in the specification or conceptualisation of ideas.