ANEDO sponsors another three students

Wednesday, 4h November

2015 Deutschlandstipendium

In the college’s auditorium, sponsors and students came together during a festive event. Since 2011 the University has been advertising scholarships in Germany. Here it has become the most successful technical college in Lower Saxony and across Northern Germany. Nationwide it is the second most successful technical college in this programme (source: Federal Statistical Office, professional series 11, released 2015). The Deutschlandstipendium sponsors talented and motivated students, but also those showing social commitment, so that they can focus even better on their studies. The number of sponsored students mainly supported by companies and institutions in the region, is steadily increasing at the University of Applied Sciene Osnabrueck. In this year, the University was able to grant 163 Deutschlandstipendium scholarships to students. These are funded by 61 female and male sponsors.  University of Applied Sciene Osnabrueck: Deutschlandstipendium scholarships ANEDO has been involved in the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship since 2015.