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ANEDO Serv-Assist is a video conference system suitable for field use with machine data connection and Smart Board function. The system takes centrally available expert knowledge anywhere in the world at any time using existing communication mediums. Due to the option of direct communication from a tablet/smartphone via a WiFi ad hoc connection to the machine terminal, the expert can directly access the machine settings and diagnosis system.

Modern, mobile working machines have a very high productivity level, which means considerable financial consequences for the user of the machine if there are longer machine stoppages or insufficient use of capacity. In order to offer machine users the best support for machine optimisation or diagnosis, the experience of an expert is required, and usually at short notice. These experts have worldwide practical knowledge and bring together a wide range of experience in dealing with machines. The worldwide sale of the machines involves the challenge of always providing the expert for the respective situation at any time and anywhere in the world, and the request can suddenly strike from any direction. ANEDO Serv-Assist facilitates the effective distribution of central expert knowledge. With the help of the video screen and a connection to the machine´s terminal, the expert takes himself virtually to wherever the machine is located and can offer the user valuable tips and assistance by telephone using his wealth of experience.

ANEDO Serv-Assist is suitable for machine optimisation and is equally suitable for service diagnosis. The ANEDO Serv-Assist system does not need complex software nor special end devices, but can be used with standard smartphones or tablets.


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